Our goal is to catalyse the growth and development of the education industry by creating high quality products and delivering top-notch services that add value and give satisfaction to our customers.

Education Management

The objective of our education management operations is to improve the delivery of educational services. The services rendered by educators and educational institutions are of crucial importance in the development and (academic) success of learners.

In line with our mission, Sperne’s education management services and products will assist educators and educational institutions to better the effectiveness and increase their efficiency. By doing this, the individual needs of their learners will be met and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Business Solutions for Educational Institutions
Capacity Development and Training of Educators
Procurement and Supply of Educational Facilities and Equipment
Education Promotion

We strongly believe that the young of today are the leaders of tomorrow and will be the drivers of our future. Therefore, as a company, we are committed to laying the right foundation and correcting whatever faulty foundation that may have already been laid. Hence, our promotion operations are learner-centered towards increasing literacy, developing valuable skills, improving learner assimilation and retention, and providing opportunities for (academic) excellence.

Counselling and Mentoring
Educational Travels and Tours
Educational Workshops, Conferences and Seminars
Education Recruitment

Sperne Educators are high calibre professionals who have been recruited and trained by Sperne to international best standards. They are equipped to provide the best services in their fields and deliver peace of mind and satisfaction.

 By hiring Sperne educators, our customers do not have to bother about all the hard work that goes into recruiting the right kind of staff for the right kind of roles. Our recruitment process is such that only the best go through each stage and are eventually selected. We take care in selecting only those who have the right qualifications, interests, motivations and skills.  As a company, we take great pride in our methods and therefore, can guarantee nothing short of the best.

By becoming a Sperne educator, our staff are assured of the best remuneration packages and benefits in the industry. We also provide periodic training workshops and seminars for their growth and (career) development. Our educators are assured of the right working environment in which they can excel and assist with the achievement of the objectives of our clients and our company.

Academic Staff
Non-Academic Staff
Educational Consultancy
Educational Campaigns and Projects

The future we see is one in which our brand is synonymous with anything events related.


Event management is akin to putting the different pieces of a puzzle together to make a beautiful picture and that is why the visionaries, creators, strategists and planners that make up our team go the extra mile in putting every piece of your event puzzle together into an extraordinary event.

As a matter of principle, we employ an innovative approach that engages our clients and their audiences in order to cater for any possible requirement. This engagement goes a long way in positively impacting their experience at the event.

Our complete event management package offers event consultation, design, logistics and on-site management. We are also able to offer the components of our complete event management package as a stand-alone service.

From conferences, exhibitions and award dinners to team building events and retreats, we are able to deliver tailored events to suit your objectives.

Entertainment Management
Audio Visual Design and Support
Production and Set Design
Health and Safety
On-Site Logistics and Support
Post Event Analysis and Reconciliation
Venue Finding
Delegate Registration and Management
Flight, Transfers, Visa and Travel Support
Budget Control and Critical Path

There is so much to see outside our immediate environment and it is our goal to be the preferred gateway to that world.

Destination Holiday Package.

We are a company of choice for destination holiday packages. Our travel support team tailors the package to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Flight booking and reservation.

We offer you the best deals on the market for your flights to any destination. Contact us for your ticket reservation and booking.

Migration Support.

Whether for work or study, we assist clients in securing visas to countries of their choice by offering eligibility assessment, counseling and visa application assistance.